About BNI

It's the people of BNI Coal - mostly native North Dakotans - who have created the company's success. BNI employees are committed to working safely, working hard, and working efficiently to balance coal mining with the environment so that we leave the land as productive as we found it.

BNI Coal employs approximately 175 employees. Our hourly employees are represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union, Local 1593.

The Center Mine located 35 miles NW of Bismarck is home to the mining operation and all support departments. The success of our Mining Operations depends on the experience and hard work of the people who staff this department. Their efficiency and commitment to safety are key factors in BNI’s ability to remain the lowest cost producer of lignite in the area.

The Engineering department handles the applications for mining permits and planning (see our Mining Process), and Landowner Relations. Staffed with engineers, geologists, reclamation specialists, permit coordinators and surveyors, this department provides essential support for the mining operations.

BNI’s Purchasing/Maintenance department procures all goods and services necessary for BNI Coal’s operations. They also keep our mobile equipment running in a safe and efficient manner. A team of diesel mechanics keeps our equipment in working order.

Information Technology supports communication throughout the company. Our mining operators and heavy equipment use GPS technology to assist in the daily work of moving dirt and coal.

Safety and Training are other vital support services located at the mine site. BNI has developed an extensive onboarding program that emphasizes both general safety and safety as it pertains to operating individual pieces of heavy equipment on location at the mine site.

Corporate Headquarters in Bismarck, ND handles our full array of administrative functions, including accounts payable, billing, budgets, financial reporting, governmental reporting, compliance, human resources and payroll.

BNI Quick Facts Sheet